At BRG we shift the way people experience life.

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Big Red Group

Big Red Group (BRG) is the largest experiences marketplace in Australia and New Zealand. It is considered a great Australian success story delivering consistent growth for its network of experience suppliers. BRG operates trusted marketplaces including: RedBalloon Australia, RedBalloon NZ, Adrenaline and Lime&Tonic. It is recognised as a great employer with a corporate culture that is inclusive, diverse and innovative.

BRG has a singular purpose, to shift the way people experience life, with the goal to serve an experience sustainably every second by 2030 somewhere on earth.

The BRG ESG program, guided by its chosen Good Life Goals is a critical part of the BRG journey.

Founded by David Anderson (Group CEO) and Naomi Simson in 2017 with the belief in the value of experiences over things. The focus is to encouraging customers, suppliers and community to explore and discover unique experiences.

Through continual investment in growth, systems and infrastructure, BRG brings different audiences to the 2500+ experience partners and their 8000+ experiences. In 2020 alone, BRG delivered 745,213 customers to partners

For more than twenty years (originally through RedBalloon), BRG has grown in unison with partners. When BRG grows, partners do to.

BRG brings people together for the good of the community and local economies.

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816,266 participants
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BRG Culture


BRG is committed to its diverse, inclusive and innovative culture. Entrepreneurial in spirit, our team and leadership group set the pace to focus on delivering an exceptional experience for customers and stakeholders.

Experience @ Work

Introducing the Experience @ Work program in 2020, team members practice what we preach – joining together for  events such as painting, climbing, kayaking, sabre fencing, sailing, whale watching and even axe throwing. We come together as teams, cross teams and for special occassions.

Plan the work – Work the plan

Each individual has a clear plan of work and development goals, this cascades up to the overall strategic plan for the group based on the 9 key pillars of work. This focus and commitment is recognised through our online points platform which acknowledges both individual and team contribution.


BRG has a clear rhythm of communication with regular town halls, offsites, one on one’s and team meetings. It is important to the leadership team to understand the experience of work as such we poll the team regularly to understand what is working, and not so much. This is also an opportunity for ideas to cascade throughout the business.

BRG culture

The BRG Team

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Pay Equity: Across gender, LGBTQI, Ethnicity
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