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Headquartered in Sydney’s CBD Australia, Big Red Group is the largest marketplace of experiences in ANZ, and home to leading brands including Adrenaline, Lime&Tonic, and RedBalloon.

Australian owned and operated, Big Red Group leads and grows the experience economy through, know-how, state-of-the-art tech platforms, industry alliances and partnerships.

At Big Red Group we deliver connection to audiences, opportunities for growth and leadership in driving sustainable results for community.  In 2021, Big Red Group serves an experience approximately every 30 seconds.

About BRG

The numbers

Client brands
15.1 Million
Site Visits
150+ Years Executive Experience
37.5 Million
Page Views
Australian Owned
Retail Outlets

Experiences Served:

6,962 442

Our workspace:

As a growth business with a culture that requires challenge, accountability, clarity of communication and alignment, it was time for us to come together to showcase the new paradigm of work. A beautiful 5 star energy rated, award winning new space that amplifies how we work together, which is inclusive and central.

Work is something we do rather than somewhere we go.

We believe:

The purpose of a workspace is to make the most of each team members creativity and contribution. It is a place that we are proud of and that brings together our community. A place to host events, collaborate, learn, socialise and of course work.

BRG is growing rapidly, and we know that this will continue if we do this right – the office will be where our business, our values and our people meet – an environment where we can continue to push, innovate, and importantly move forward.

Providing a physical office whilst still offering a flexible work. Each of our team members has been given the choice of how to use the space. Have a permanent desk for full time office work, book a space if taking a hybrid approach (regular days per week), or if primarily working remotely then use the drop in spaces if in town.

BRG history

2001: RedBalloon is founded in Sydney, Australia
RedBalloon opens its doors for the first time from Balmain, Sydney delivering experiences to customers for the first time and setting off rapid growth in the experiences industry just taking shape across Australia
2003: RedBalloon launches in New Zealand
As RedBalloon continued to lead the growth of the experience economy in Australia, we opened our doors across the Tasman in New Zealand, listing local experiences for the first time from experience destinations Christchurch, Queenstown and Auckland.
2011: 1 Million experiences delivered
While celebrating its 10th birthday, RedBalloon hits 1 million experiences delivered across Australia & New Zealand as RedBalloon becomes one of Australia's leading and most trusted experience brands
2013: 2 Million Experiences Sold
Doubling the number of experiences sold in just the next two years, Redballoon Australia & New Zealand surpasses 2 million experiences delivered in 2013 as the company begins to rapidly expand
2014: Recognition platform launches
Originally designed to allow RedBalloon's team to recognise one another at work, REDii launches to the public after helping RedBalloon become one of Australia's best places to work
2017: Big Red Group created
David Anderson and Naomi Simson form Big Red Group (BRG) in 2017, to house RedBalloon AU, RedBalloon NZ, Redii Recognition.
2018: BRG Acquired Adrenaline
Big Red Group acquired one of Australia's most recognised extreme experience brands, Adrenaline Experiences, adding an important business to the group of experience marketplaces.
2018: 5 million experiences delivered
Big Red Group's combined brands reach a major milestone in delivering more than 5 million experiences to customers globally, averaging an experience delivered every 49 seconds
2019: BRG acquires Lime&Tonic
Lime & Tonic begins offering bespoke experiences in gourmet and spa experiences across Sydney and Melbourne.
2020: 6 million experiences served
Taking just 18 months to reach a new milestone, BRG brands complete delivery of 6 million experiences at a rate of one every 39 seconds
2021: New Headquarters in Sydney CBD
Level 17, 5 Martin Place in the heart of Sydney has become the home for BRG. This 5 star energy rated space with award winning fit out has been created as more than an office. It is a place for our community to gathering: for our team members, community, supply partners and all our stakeholders.
RedBalloon AU launched
RedBalloon NZ launched
1m experiences delivered
2m experiences delivered
Rewards and recognition platform
BRG launched
Acquired Adrenaline
5m experiences delivered
6m experiences delivered
Sydney CBD BRG headquarters

How our red balloon came to be


Shift the way people experience life.

Achieving the purpose extends to the lives of BRG experience partners, distribution partners and customers – all the people the business comes into contact with.


Deliver an experience sustainably every second by 2030.

Shift the way people experience life


BRG is for everyone. It’s our mission to unleash the potential in every team, and we know that teams perform best when they are diverse and every team member feels that they belong.

We’re committed to building a culture where everyone has the opportunity to do meaningful work and be recognized for their efforts in an inclusive environment.

We are looking for people who believe that we can accomplish so much more together than apart. Explore the different teams that makeup BRG and find the perfect fit for you.

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