Adrenaline Hub Policies

Important information you need to know
Postponement, Cancellation & Refund Policies

Cancellation and refund enquiries are the number one driver of calls to Big Red Group, and probably to you too. The current level of market uncertainty means that having confidence if circumstances change is a critical part of the customers decision making process prior to purchase.

A customer friendly policy (i.e. 24 or 48hrs) is proven to increase conversion rate and sales of your product.

However, with hundreds of different policies, suppliers and Big Red Group staff are sometimes unclear on each other’s cancellation policy/refund procedure which can lead to failure to adhere to your T&Cs, leading to unnecessary and time-consuming communications.

We’re embarking on a process to remove this doubt and uncertainty. The first step to achieve this is to clearly advertise your cancellation policies to customers before they purchase, and then on their confirmation documents.

We’ve identified that most policies allow for cancellation either 24 hours, 48 hours, or 7 days prior to the activity. Following a recent survey where we asked you to record your policy, we have now added those policies to your product listing pages, to ensure Big Red Group customers are held to your policy.

This will not affect postponements. If you can work with the customer to reschedule to a mutually agreeable date, then please do so. However, if the customer is no longer able to attend (i.e. for reasons including if they’re interstate or overseas travellers), they will in most cases receive a Big Red Group voucher to the value of their original purchase.

Naturally we anticipate that there will be the occasional exception (I.e., compassionate grounds or force majeure) however the bulk of cancellation queries can be forestalled by clear and transparent cancellation and refund policies that are advertised upfront.

When and how will I get paid?

There’s no need to invoice, you will be paid the Thursday in the week after the booking.

If your RRP increases after 18 months (*or after 6 months on Lime&Tonic), the customer will be asked to pay the additional gap at the time of booking.

After 18 months, if the product is no longer available, the value of the voucher can be redeemed towards another product.

What is Big Red Group currency?

At any given time, Big Red Group has hundreds of thousands of customers who have either purchased a voucher or been gifted one, and are in a ‘ready to redeem’ status, which is one of the benefits to suppliers in partnering with us. Customers can redeem that credit on any experience on the website and are also free to exchange any experience voucher for an alternative product.

What changes were made in March 2021 to the Master Service Agreement?

In March 2021 we issued a Master Services Agreement Change Notice to Australia and New Zealand suppliers.

What’s changed, and why?

Throughout 2020 & 2021, Big Red Group and its supply community has had cause to amend, pivot and change many aspects of our joint operations. As we settle into a more normal business rhythm, we seek to formalise some new ways of working that are more attuned to the trading landscape, including steps that aim to reduce workload at Suppliers’ end, and others that shore up customer confidence.

We’re tuning existing clauses to include new payment terms (still industry-leading, and designed to reduce supplier-side work involved in reconciling cancellations) as well as formalising 2020s 18-month “Price Validity” (designed to ensure COVID-affected customers get to attend your experience before their voucher expires).

Why do we need to change payment terms?

Across NZ & Australia, we’ve facilitated well over 10,000 cancellations over the past year. Because Big Red Group pre-pays for its customers, each cancellation requires manual accounting work at both ends to either process a refund, or reconcile a “hold credit” (i.e. a credit against a future booking to your business) before we can recredit the customer.

This is very process-heavy for both supplier and Big Red Group, and has led to deeply impacted service wait times of up to 20 days for both customers and Suppliers. We trust that you recognise that continuing to do business like this is not efficient nor sustainable for either ourselves, or for you, our suppliers.

When will I get paid?

From 1st April 2021, we will be aligning payment terms with the broader travel industry. Instead of being paid shortly before each booking, you will be paid shortly after the booking. Therefore, rather than being paid the Thursday in the week before the booking, you will be paid the Thursday in the week after the booking.

How will it work?

Here’s a summary of how the Payment Terms roll out proceeded:

  • Bookings taking place 25-31st March, were paid on Thursday 25th March
  • Bookings taking place 22-28th March (this included last-minute bookings not paid on 25th March), were paid on Thursday 1st April
  • Bookings taking place 29th March-4th April, were paid on Thursday 8th April
  • Bookings taking place 5-11th April, were paid on Thursday 15th April

Were there any other changes?

Yes. Clause 12.2 and 12.3 have been updated to reflect the switch from old-fashioned emailed bookings to automated “Channel Managers” and, for those manual booking requests that remain, to improve average handling times. Despite a multitude of changes within the industry, our handling times haven’t changed in 20 years; we’re due an update!

We’ve also consolidated 13.3 and 13.4. This is to ensure that when you’re unable to reschedule a customer, that you direct the customer to BRG to seek a credit or refund. Because customers use a range of methods to pay for their experience, we request that customers are directed our way so we can determine whether they’re eligible for a refund or a credit back to the payment method that they used to buy your experience.

Click here to view the March 2021 Change Notice