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Partnering with us has never been easier, nor have the benefits ever been greater. We trust you will find all the key information here to help manage your product listings on Adrenaline. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager

The How To’s

During busy holiday periods, the number one cause of complaints is inaccurate calendars. If you’re not operational over certain periods, please help us reduce cost and time-consuming complaints by applying “block outs” on your calendars.

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How to set up ‘Block Out Periods’

Visit the Adrenaline platform login and follow the simple steps to implement your block out periods.

Log in to the adrenaline platform: Use the “forgot password” function to retrieve your login (if necessary).

Click the “Dates” tab at the top. Here it will ask you to select one product to update. Click on the product, this will then bring you to the calendar page.

To add block outs to one day, simply click on the date you wish to update until the box turns red. Red indicates that it is unavailable, black means the section is full, whilst green indicates that the session is bookable. You can block out weekends, weekdays, entire weeks, or just specific days of the week by clicking the corresponding buttons at the top or the side of the calendar. Once that month is complete, click on the right arrow to move to next month and continue the process.

If your calendar is the same for all or some products, you can simply click the button that says ‘copy this product calendar to the selected products’ and apply the calendar to those products. Then click ’update’ to save your changes. If you wish to only update one product then hit update to save all changes.

How to update product content

To ensure we have all the vital information about your products online, it’s important to make sure you regularly review and manage your product listings. If you are listed with RedBalloon and Adrenaline, any changes you make to your RedBalloon product content will be automatically transferred across. If you only work with Adrenaline, or Lime&Tonic you will need to email: to request changes.

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How to use live availability?

We encourage our suppliers to offer real time availability which allows us to provide customers with the convenience of an instant confirmation whilst at the same time eliminating any manual administration for suppliers. For RedBalloon suppliers – click on the link for a step-by-step guide on how to use Live Availability and get the most out of your bookings – RedBalloon Supply Hub

For Adrenaline suppliers, options to integrate with channel booking platforms to facilitate live bookings include:


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Or for specific Rezdy masterclasses:

Setting up your company profile ; Setting up negotiated rates ; How to share rates ; Minimum quantity configuration ; Minimum notice configuration ; Configuration for fixed group sizes ; Setting up automatically confirm ; How to restore deleted products


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