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When Karis Dorrigan arrived at Big Red Group as Head of Product in November 2020, she had come from a vastly different environment. Prior to Big Red Group, Dorrigan headed up mobile product innovation for Qantas, a much larger and more mature organisation where Dorrigan led a cross functional team of 70.

One year on, Dorrigan reflects upon the high impact work she is delivering as Big Red Group continues its ambitious growth journey. Dorrigan was initially attracted to the business due to its smaller scale, recognising the very real opportunity to influence and transform the product area, with the ability to build tighter connections to team and take product to centre stage within the broader business.

Dorrigan’s passion for product has been infectious since starting, bringing incredible momentum and drive into growing product into a high functioning area of the business. A natural people person, Dorrigan has rapidly developed important cross-functional relationships, critical in ensuring that product is considered and integrated at all touchpoints of the business.

As the first senior product hire, Dorrigan has been busy building internal capability, bringing on additional product managers, UX and business analysts to complement the team. Dorrigan has a clear vison on where she can take product, and is excited at the opportunity to build and deliver on it.

“Product is all about solving customer problems that drive great impact, looking at the holistic experience of customers, creating amazing purchasing experiences across our portfolio of brands, and delivering value to the business.”

The product area recently underwent a restructure to expand its remit, moving from the Growth area into Operations to better align product with delivery, which has resulted in much greater streamlining of workflows.

Working closely with eCommerce and supply teams, Dorrigan is excited at the many greenfield projects ahead, developing new products to both innovate and disrupt. Dorrigan’s greatest achievement to date is the way she has shifted the conversations and thinking about product within the organisation to align with the vigorous growth agenda.

Karis Dorrigan - Head of Product

Tasked with creating the right products for the right channel to deliver the right customer experience, while achieving tangible commercial outcomes is no easy feat, but Dorrigan is energised by the challenge.

“We’ve got a great team, and work in an incredibly supportive environment where we have the remit to deliver. Having that empowerment and C-suite support is proving to be a fantastic foundation for us to build and deliver the best of breed.”

And for anyone looking to join the product team, Dorrigan knows the capabilities she is looking for.

“For commercially agile, strategic thinkers with a growth mindset wanting to contribute to more than just the day to day, the opportunities are endless. Big Red Group creates a culture where people can thrive. It’s an exciting place for a product person, driving strategic conversations and gaining buy-in around vision, underpinned by a great team culture. We really do walk the walk when it comes to culture, it’s embedded into who we are.”

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Karis Dorrigan - Head of Product