BRG launches new head office in Sydney

After a year of remote working, BRG opens new headquarters at 5 Martin Place, signalling confidence in Australia’s economic recovery.

BRG launches new head office in Sydney

Sydney, 14 April 2021 – Big Red Group’s (BRG) team of over 100 were surprised and delighted with the launch of the new head office at 5 Martin Place on Tuesday 13 April.

In one of the industry’s best kept secrets, only a handful of people knew about the office, with BRG employee’s arriving at the building on the premise they were participating in an amazing race style adventure as part of the ongoing Experiences @ Work program.

For a company that’s mission is to serve an experience sustainably every second across the globe by 2030, it’s no surprise that launching a new office needed to be a special experience for BRG’s team, and a signal to community of economic confidence.

Meeting in groups at various locations around Martin Place, excitement built as employees converged in the lobby of the award winning, heritage restored building. Sent to level 17, when lift doors opened, they were surprised and welcomed to the new workspace.

Surrounded by giant balloons as they entered the BRG clad reception for the festive event, Director of People & Culture – Madeleine Robins, said “it is a remarkable moment signifying the culmination of the BRG business’s growth strategy via a multi-brand approach to audience acquisition as well as the significant consumer confidence we have experienced in recent times.”

“As part of our growth strategy, our team has been expanding with more than 50 percent of employees joining BRG during the pandemic. Being onboarded into an environment of remote work, many had never set foot in a BRG office until today. It just makes it all the more special,” said Robins.

David Anderson Group CEO and BRG Co-founder agreed, seeing the new headquarters as an exciting next chapter for the business, currently tracking at around 45 percent like for like growth. “We now look at our figures and compare them to 2019 rather than last year, to give us a better understanding of the growth that is being experienced across all the brands” he said.

“We have now served over 800,000 customers in the last 12 months through COVID to the end of March 2021 – each one representing a customer for BRG experience partners throughout Australia and New Zealand,” Anderson continued.

“We’re incredibly proud to provide our people with such an outstanding workspace, with leading technologies and designed with sustainability at its core. We know this office will materially change the way we do business – the where, the how, our creativity, and our cadence,” said Anderson.

The building falls in step with BRG’s ESG commitments to the UN’s Good Life Goals, rated 5.5 stars for Office Design, 5 stars for Office Build, NABERS Indoor Environment 5.5 and NABERS Water 3.5. BRG will supply locally and ethically sourced products from its supply community wherever possible.

While expectations for office attendance are high, flexible work options will continue says Robins, with BRG taking a hybrid approach.

“We celebrate that everyone is different, and appreciate people’s unique circumstances. We want people to thrive in their role, and be their most productive. So, we’re providing flexible working options – people can take up a permanent desk, come in when it suits and book a bookable desk, or they can choose to work fully remotely. We expect most people will spend a few days a week in the office.

One thing that is for certain, is the new headquarters will be a central hub for connection, collaboration, and creativity. It will be a place where experience suppliers (BRG works with 2200+ of them), industry partners and employees can come together. And with fully catered weekly ‘community table’ lunches planned, it is hoped many meals and conversations will be shared, creating new memories through shared experiences, which is after all, what BRG is all about.

Welcome to BRG HQ
Welcome to BRG HQ

About Big Red Group (BRG):
Australian owned and operated, BRG is Australia’s largest experience marketplace, and third largest in the world. Home to brands of RedBalloon and Adrenaline, with the mission to shift the way people experience life. Partnering with 2500+ suppliers, BRG has delivered 7.5 million experiences (across its brand portfolio of RedBalloon, Adrenaline, Lime & Tonic and RedBalloon for Business), supporting communities and local businesses Australia and New Zealand wide.

About 5 Martin Place:
5 Martin Place has received accolades for its heritage restoration, awards include – Best Sustainable Development of Existing Building (2017) and Winner of Best Office Development in Australia (2018).

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