Creating the ‘new’ experience of work

White paper focused on the future of work sets out to answer the big question facing business leaders today - to office or not to office?

Creating the ‘new’ experience of work

Sydney, 2 December 2020 – RedBalloon for Business recently launched the white paper ‘Creating the new experience of work’, recognising that the future of work changed when the World Health Organization announced a pandemic on 11 March 2020. The white paper was commissioned to focus on the question’s leaders need to be asking now to determine what is the best way forward for their business. 

Whilst much of business has shown remarkable resilience, agility and capabilities work continues, productivity has in many cases improved, and people working remotely have begun to appreciate a greater work life balance.

But the world is different now, and one question many leaders are asking is – what will the ‘new’ workplace culture look like beyond 2020? 

Will people want to return to the office? Is there a need for an office? How do businesses continue to cultivate culture and build teams when not physically together? How do people remain connected? And, how do new employees get onboarded to a business without a physical office to attend?

Seeking to answer these questions, RedBalloon for Business known for its thought leadership in creating an inclusive and connected corporate culture, engaged journalist Richard Evans to compile the white paper, with the mission to help businesses shape their ‘new’ experience of work.

The paper consolidates in-depth research, insights from various institutions, latest trends, interviews with industry leaders and contributions from leading demographer Bernard Salt who states: 

“Not one society is going to look back to where they were.”

Nine months on, as Australia starts to emerge from the greatest disruption the world has ever seen, leaders are faced with new challenges and opportunities. 

Naomi Simson, Founder of RedBalloon and executive sponsor of the report comments: 

“Work used to be a place we went, now it is what we do. Right now, we have an opportunity to reimagine the way we work. We have a small window of time to reset, reshape and champion a ‘new’ way of working. It’s time to turn disruption into innovation.”

David Anderson, Co-founder/Group CEO The Big Red Group adds:

“Employees look to employers for community as much as they look to the employer for a job. So, in this new world, they want to feel part of a community. Corporate culture will not happen by accident – it will take intent.”

This is not a one size fits all approach. The framework developed as a result of the white paper offers leaders a guide to the sorts of questions that they will need to consider.

“Doing this now will mean how, where and why we work could and should be better and more inclusive for all” says Simson. “Old habits die hard – intentional leadership will be the key.”

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