Jarrod Siebert

Jarrod Siebert

How has your time been at Big Red Group?
My time has been really good so far, my team is easy to work with, everyone else that I have been talking to in the company is easy to get along with, yeah a great experience overall.

What makes Big Red Group different from other companies you’ve worked for?
The openness of the company, and their willingness to listen to everyone no matter where they are in the company. They want to hear ideas from everyone, they really express which ideas they are moving along with. They are forward thinking planners, and it is very apparent to everyone as well.

What has been your standout moment at Big Red Group?
I got to go on a kayaking experience with people from my team and from a few other teams. It was lovely, just around Quanta Harbour. I had a great day, I met everyone, and it really embodied what Big Red group represents. ​