Leadership Team

BRG Leadership Principles

We are intellectually curious
We seek to understand before we are understood. We share experience, knowledge and seek excellence not perfection. We see & seek opportunity everywhere and feel compelled to act on it.
We are human
We demonstrate empathy to unlock the maximum potential in our people.
We contribute
We create a positive leadership legacy through our dedicated energy - effort and time. We give more than we take and leave our teams better for working with us. We not only contribute but empower contribution and inclusivity.
We are resilient
We understand the need to race and rest for peak performance. Leading by example, we ask for the team to sprint and create space to grow, rest and learn in balance.
We are adaptive
We create pace by making the big decisions today in complex uncertain moments, rather than waiting for perfect information, prepared to live with and own the outcomes and we empower our teams to do the same. We own our imperfections and failures.
We breathe life into our purpose
We reject the notion that profit and purpose is a trade off, that values and performance are mutually exclusive. As leaders we accept our responsibility for our role in our community to act purposefully and ethically as a key pillar of our success.
BRG Leadership Principles - We are Curious
BRG Leadership Principles - We are Human
BRG Leadership Principles - We contribute
BRG Leadership Principles - We are Resilient
BRG Leadership Principles - We are Adaptive
BRG Leadership Principles - We breathe life into our purpose