Alyce Wilson

CRM Lead
Alyce Wilson

In one word, how would you describe Big Red Group?

Which of the Big red Group values resonates with you the most and why?
Constantly seeking better for two reasons, for me this value has two different parts the first is about the work and making sure that you are constantly pushing yourself and the work you are delivering is always better, and I think as a person I am constantly striving for better outcomes. The second part I really love about this value is where you look inwards, making sure that you are getting some feedback and you are having some tough conversations to ensure you become the best version of yourself whether that is as a peer, as a leader, or even as a person showing up to work.

What makes Big Red Group such a unique place?
I don’t think many people can say they work for a place where they absolutely love what they stand for. To know that I am a part of a company that helps people overcome their fears, or they might be able to tick off something from their bucket list and know that is going to be a memory or a moment in life that they can speak about forever. Working for Big Red Group allows me to be a part of that and create those memories for those people, that is a really unique thing, I don’t think many people get the opportunity to say that. ​