Karis Dorrigan

Head of Product
Karris Dorrigan

How has your time been at Big Red Group?
It has been really interesting coming into an organisation working remotely. Building connections, learning around the business, it has been fantastic in the sense that we’ve got a great opportunity to meet the team through our flexible workplace and then through our experiences.

What makes Big Red Group different from other companies you’ve worked for?
For me, it is about the progressive nature of the company. From an interview, to coming into the organisation, they really think differently about the future of work, a very progressive in terms of the culture.

What has been your standout moment at Big Red Group?
There have been so many stand out moments. Going axe throwing as an experience really let us connect with the suppliers and each other. Giving us the opportunity to have fun and enjoy the experiences we are here selling and creating. ​