Meg Draffin

Meghan Draffin

In one word, how would you describe Big Red Group?

Which of the Big red Group values resonates with you the most and why?
The value that most resonates with me is constantly seek better. I feel like I am striving to always produce the best quality of work. I think if you were to ask my team they would agree, I ask a lot of questions. I am always challenging myself, asking questions, trying to get the best results I can, and I think as a company so many people are doing that as well.

What makes Big Red Group such a unique place?
We sell experiences, so everyone loves what they go to work to do. Its unique in the sense that you are really passionate about what you sell, you are constantly striving to do the best you can because genuinely think that the product is amazing. You see that in everyone’s work, and what everyone brings to the table every day, having that makes it a great environment. ​