Our Story

We are Big Red Group

Big Red Group was established in 2017 with the intent to build a multi-brand experience marketplace to serve different audiences, with the ethos of valuing experiences over material goods.

Starting with the acquisition of RedBalloon in 2017, a trusted Australian experience brand, and REDii, an experience-based rewards platform, Big Red Group has since expanded to become the largest aggregator of experiences across Australia and New Zealand.

Adding leading adventure experience brand Adrenaline in 2018, and luxury experience brand Lime&Tonic in 2019, Big Red Group continues to expand its marketplace through strategic acquisitions, partnerships and organic growth underpinned by continuous investment in technology, talent and marketing.

Partnering with thousands of small business experience suppliers and offering 10,000+ experiences across its brands, Big Red Group remains steadfast on its mission to shift the way people experience life.

Headquartered in Sydney’s CBD with an employee base of more than 150 people, Big Red Group has served more than 3 million experiences to date, and delivers an experience approximately every 30 seconds.

We are Big Red Group

Our Values

Our values underpin the way we conduct our business, engage with each other and execute our work each and every day. They are the intrinsic attributes we expect our team members to have and uphold, and form the very tapestry of our incredible culture.

Big Red Group Values - Be growth minded

We move forward with bold ambition and a willingness to seek and explore all opportunities. We are receptive to feedback and value the role of team in our efforts to deliver tangible outcomes for our partners and community.
Big Red Group Values - Constantly seek better

We don’t accept mediocrity, but continuously strive and aim higher. We develop others on the way, seek answers to the hard questions, and lead important conversations to make a difference.
Big Red Group Values - Own your outcomes

We set courageous goals, hold ourselves to account to work smarter. We unite around challenges to deliver outcomes over outputs every day.
Big Red Group Values - Act with intention

We work purposefully, focusing on prioritising the meaningful. Integrity, inclusiveness and authenticity is at our core. We plan our work and maintain both urgency and momentum.
Our Impact
Our Impact

We value experiences over stuff, and memories over material possessions. We use our position as market leader of the experience economy to inspire socially responsible and environmentally conscious behaviour, positively influencing people, businesses, and the communities we engage with.

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) agenda centres around contributing to the social fabric of communities, supporting and growing local businesses, managing our impacts on the environment, and providing a respectful, diverse and inclusive working environment.

We recognise our role in encouraging our supply partners to curate low footprint experiences, protect the environment and maintain the natural assets of the countries in which we operate, vital to Australia and New Zealand economies and sustainability of tourism industries.

Committed to the United Nation’s (UNs) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework, we operate our business with integrity and transparency, underpinned by the UN’s actionable Good Life Goals (GLGs). We constantly strive to do better, and to do more.

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