Big Red Group RedBalloon

We’ve been a trusted leader in the online retail space since 2001, after pioneering experiential gifting in Australia and New Zealand. We connect customers with more than 4000 unique and amazing experiences, sourced from more than 2000 business owners.


was born in the front room of Founder Naomi Simson’s family home, with little more than a second-hand computer, her canine companion Dexter and $25,000 in family savings. An experiment to test whether a company could be successful simply by listening to its people and customers and delivering a great experience to both, we remain committed to this 15 years on after delivering more than 3.5 million customers to business owners. Today, RedBalloon is the marketing partner of thousands of small businesses – we not only deliver customers but also provide business tools, education and digital marketing expertise to those listed with RedBalloon. When business partners are successful then so is RedBalloon. We’re an Australian business, supporting other business owners – and together we are all stronger.


“We had the cars and RedBalloon was our highway; accelerating our expansion and encouraging us to invest to make the experience available Australia-wide. In the last decade, we’ve built 27 cars, contracted over 200 professional instructors and 500 part-time employees, delivering the 80,000 experiences our clients have purchased through RedBalloon. It’s easy to underestimate and hard to really measure the economic contribution of RedBalloon to our business.” Greg Evans – Managing Partner, V8 Race Experience