From our CEO: An open letter to Australian business

BRG CEO, David Anderson discusses the challenges emerging from COVID-19 and the attitude business leaders need

To Corporate Australia and our business leaders,

I want you to ask yourself a question: As a leader, is this challenge the most difficult challenge you’ve ever faced?

I’ve considered the same question myself while focusing on how I make sure my business emerges from this, and I’ve landed on a pretty fair answer: It’s not the thing that matters. Moreover, by focusing on this question, we’re ignoring the more vital responsibility we should be owning – to be the spark that enlivens this economy.

The real question should be – As a leader, is this the absolute most I can put into this?

Now is not a time to fret about how big the cumulative challenge in front of us is. We chose to be leaders; we chose the situation that confronts us. We wanted all the rewards that came with being leaders, and so too we should relish the responsibilities that come alongside. In times of crisis, it means working harder than anyone else, setting an example for your teams and those relying on you.

To the experience industry. Our businesses thrive on bringing people together, and we’re currently faced with an unrelenting challenge – we can’t.

It’s on us as leaders in this space to do more to bring our teams together – to ensure they understand the enormous challenge we face, to drive our teams to be their best – to work harder, smarter, with more commitment. We don’t do this by focusing on the challenge, we focus on how we respond.

This is a crisis, forcing us to be decisive leaders. For me, it’s about acting quickly and with conviction, to ensure we retain and protect our businesses and their fundamental viability. This challenge also brings with it some fundamental prerequisites that define what will endure, and what won’t – agility, adaptability, superhuman listening and an ability to implement change rapidly.

We can see how much society is missing the opportunity for real connection, missing the sensation of shared experiences. We know there is a huge opportunity on the other side of this. How successfully we lead through this time will define how well we’re able to take advantage of that opportunity on the far side.

As leaders of corporate Australia, we’re watching our economy deflate in real-time, thanks to a crisis largely out of our control. Our responsibility is to do all we can to keep this economy afloat – take risks, invest in your businesses, don’t rely on government support. Now is a time to be bold in leadership – grasp the challenge in front of you and be proud to say, ‘we gave this everything, not when it was easy, but when it was hard’.

This challenge, crisis, whatever you want to call it, is about how we turn up as the best versions of ourselves, not for us, but those relying on us. In many ways, it is enabling us to do so because we simply must. We are in this together – as teams, as industries and as a society. It’s a time to think of others and apply what you’re best at for the benefit of those relying on you today and tomorrow.

I’m staying focused on our ultimate goal – to provide a life-changing experience every second – for the other side of this challenge, when we emerge even stronger than before.


David Anderson

CEO and co-founder

The Big Red Group


Media contact:

James Murray 

Corporate Communications Executive