The Footprints we leave Environmental, Social and Governance at The BRG

BRG ESG Commitment

We are on a mission to fundamentally change how experiences impact the world. We are on a mission to shift the way that people experience and live: grow their “good life”.

As leaders of the experience economy, we impact the lives of thousands of small businesses: our Experience Partners and their communities – hundreds of employees, millions of consumers who ask us to help them reconnect, experience something new, or live out their dreams through our brands.

We are committed to continuing to shift the world to a world where living & experiencing life matters more than consuming things. Where people, businesses and communities are lifted as we grow, where we ultimately help someone experience their “good life” every second.

While we aim to deliver an experience somewhere on Earth every second, our mission is for each experience to be 100% sustainable.

Deliver a fully sustainable experience every second, somewhere on Earth.

The shift to Experiences can bring about major change, and we want to lead in demonstrating how experiences can enhance Responsible Consumption, Impact Investment and Environmental Change.

Development Pillars

BRG ESG commitment - Environmental
Manage the impacts of our operations on the environment. Lead and grow the experience economy and help shift the tide of consumption of ‘stuff’. Create and curate responsible, aspirational offerings that allow people to kick their own ‘Good Life Goals’ to positively impact them and the world around them.
BRG ESG commitment - Social
Build and add value to the social fabric and communities around us. Create stronger sustainable supply partnerships for mutual growth. Challenge social issues, leading the industry at large to be role models & share progress.
BRG ESG commitment - Governance
Operate sustainable corporate practices with integrity. Ask our communities to also do good and do great. Earn our reputation, walking our talk internally & externally. Deepen the value of our business and importance to our employees, suppliers, communities and government.

‘Our journey so far’

Grown the experience category and BRG’s share, serving 6,500,000 experiences.Moved our printed gift vouchers, cards, and retail gift cards to recycled paper, or e-cards.

All e-waste responsibly recycled, server consolidation.

Provided office facilities for recycling such as battery and coffee cups. Drink bottle provision.

Donated $24,000.00 AUD of experiences to third party charitable/ social requests.

Given 2,600 employee hours to community volunteering.

Come together as an organisation to understand the SDG17 and Good Life Goals and actions.

Ensured pay equity across the group.

Built a diverse and inclusive working community.

On-shored our CE operations with ANZ local employees

BRG ESG commitment

By 2030

We know we are at the start. We aspire to do more,
but humbly accept in the unknown of a new normal and beyond that the needs of our business and focus of our ESG will evolve. We commit to publishing an annual ESG commitment every year for transparency and ensuring in our practices we always do ‘great and good.