Our ESG Agenda

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) agenda centres around contributing to the social fabric of communities, supporting and growing local businesses, managing our impacts on the environment, and providing a respectful, diverse and inclusive working environment.

Our Impact
Our Impact

We value experiences over stuff, and memories over material possessions. We use our position as market leader of the experience economy to inspire socially responsible and environmentally conscious behaviour, positively influencing people, businesses, and the communities we engage with.

We recognise our role in encouraging our supply partners to curate low footprint experiences, protect the environment and maintain the natural assets of the countries in which we operate, vital to Australia and New Zealand economies and sustainability of tourism industries.

With demand for sustainable experiences increasing more than 45% YoY across our business, our brands continually encourage suppliers to add sustainable and eco-certified experiences to their product listings.

Committed to the United Nation’s (UNs) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework, we operate our business with integrity and transparency, underpinned by the UN’s actionable Good Life Goals (GLGs). We constantly strive to do better, and to do more.

Eat Better
Treat Everyone Equally
Do Good Work
Make Smart Choices
Be Fair
Live Better
Act on Climate
Clean The Seas
Love Nature
Come Together