Sustainability at BRG

“Our Sustainability agenda centres around contributing to the social fabric of communities, supporting and growing local businesses, managing our impacts on the environment, and providing a respectful, diverse and inclusive working environment.”

Jemma Fastnedge, Chief Sustainability Officer

Jemma Fastnedge, Chief Sustainability Officer

Sustainability at BRG
Our Vision

We have a responsibility to protect the natural environments, cultural diversity and heritage we showcase through the experiences we sell.

We create local economic impact by supporting the growth of our supply partners. Those who, through practicing their craft or telling their stories create ‘moments’ for our customers to enjoy.

We ensure our experiences are inclusive and sustainable. Creating a strong sense of pride in our team.

This enables us and our industry to deliver positive change to the communities and stakeholders we serve.

We ‘shift the way people experience life’.

Our ESG Framework

ESG Framework - Less Stuff More Stories
Less stuff more stories
Our growth and that of our partners can be driven through sustainable consumption.
ESG Framework - Connection to Country
Connection to country
We respect and protect the land, people, and environment in which our industry operates.
ESG Framework - Experiential Inclusion
Experiential inclusion
Great experiences should be accessible for everyone.