The 'Good Life'

Celebrate and lead the concept of the 'Good Life' for all our stakeholders, raising the importance of life experiences over things

The Good Life is often considered elusive, we want to change that, by making ‘The Good Life’ more accessible to more people by bringing our scale and expertise to make it easier for all of us to access new ideas, life-changing moments and perspective-shifting experiences, to positively influence how ‘good’ our lives are.

To shape our criteria for the Good Life, we have used the UN’s Good Life Goals. The Good Life Goals are built to highlight the vital role of individual actions from government, businesses and individuals themselves in achieving the ambitions of the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs) towards us all leading The Good Life.



What we can do

We can lead by curating what ‘The Good Life’ looks like through the lens of experiences. We can work to exemplify ‘The Good Life’ experiences for people enact their own shift in how they move through life and what they value, moving from things to moments.

We can work together with our Experience Partners to ensure a majority of the experiences we offer to our consumers include an aspect of  ‘The Good Life’ criteria to continue the growth in positive outcomes for our customers and Supply Partners.

Continue to build Experiences @ Work as an avenue for education and idea creation within the BRG Team. Encouraging our team members to engage in the Experience Economy and support the sustainable development of our new economy.



Sustainability - The Good Life