Make an Impact

Establishing our role as leader of the Experience Economy, by setting the bar for a responsible, sustainable experiences in the short and long term

How we impact

BRG Experiences @ Work

Our BRG Team spends key moments together, with every member of our team engaging directly with one another, and our Experience Partners through our Experiences @ Work program.

Team members will engage with an Experience offered by our BRG brands, connecting with team members and learning about the power of experiences and their impact on the idea of ‘good life’.

Experiences at work

BRG Supply Webcast Series

The BRG Webcast Series connects our BRG experience experts, from our junior support staff through to our founding partners with each and every Experience Partner across our network, an investment we make in our future, by bringing our partners closer to us, providing insights into our expertise in growth and our plans for a sustainable future.

Make Every Moment Count Initiative

Make Every Moment Count is a new approach to growing our Experience Market. Our investment in a master brand strategy that incorporates our BRG Team, Supply & Experience Partners and Consumers to build an unstoppable movement towards ‘good’.

Make Every Moment Count means bringing about sustainable growth and investment for the communities where we operate while also fuelling the development of responsible consumption behaviours as we convince consumers to shun ‘stuff’ and embrace meaningful experiences as the things that we should embrace.

Make every moment count