We are Big Red Group

We shift the way people experience life

Headquartered in Sydney’s CBD Australia, Big Red Group is the largest marketplace of experiences in ANZ, and home to leading brands including Adrenaline, Lime&Tonic, and RedBalloon.  

Australian owned and operated, Big Red Group leads and grows the experience economy through, know-how, state-of-the-art tech platforms, industry alliances and partnerships. 

At Big Red Group we deliver connection to audiences, opportunities for growth and leadership in driving sustainable results for community.  In 2021, Big Red Group serves an experience approximately every 30 seconds.

“Trust has never mattered more and trust is built through brand experience.”

Leadership is being challenged to adapt quickly – the ‘future of work’ has arrived. Leaders are looking to engage teams remotely, keep stakeholders close, and nurture customer relationships effectively whilst having a view to an ever-changing economic outlook. Shared experiences build human connection. As a trusted Australian brand – our job is to continue to bring people together in new ways.

We are BRG